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The temperatures are slowly dropping and before we know it, the cold and snow of winter will be upon us. Instead of being caught off guard, prepare your business for winter weather with the checklist of all of things you need to consider before the cold weather hits.

Snow and ice removal are big jobs that merit advance planning. Which is why our team at A Cut Above Landscape put together a comprehensive Winter Preparations Checklist to help your business prepare for winter. From snow removal tips, to vehicle maintenance, from employee commutation to snow plowing routes — our checklist covers everything your business needs to prepare.

Consider these winter preparation tips:

Assess Your Materials Needs Before Winter Weather
When the first big freeze comes, you certainly don’t want to be running out to the store to buy salt, deicers and scrappers. Assess your needs before the cold weather hits and stock up so you are prepared with all of the necessary winter weather items for your team. Moreover, consider what your employees will need if they spend time outside. Do you have enough warm weather clothing? Consider replenishing your stock of hats, scarves, mittens and boots to keep your employees warm and cozy on the job.

Make A Snow Removal Plan and Back Up Plan
Ensure your business is prepared for the season’s first snowfall with properly tuned-up snow removal vehicles. Check your vehicles over now while the weather is warm, to make sure they are in top performing shape. Our free checklist has a number of great items to review to help ensure your vehicles are in proper working order.

If you plan to hire a snow removal service, consider the options in your area, and hire a reputable snow removal team with experience and exceptional customer service. Most importantly, always have a back up snow removal option in place. Any reputal snow removal company will help you develop a backup plan when emergencies and storms happen so you are prepared to open your doors for business without delay.

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